How to Grow Together as a Couple.

Married for over 11 years, we have found a way to creatively grow together as a couple. More than just traveling together, we’ve added learning together to help us continuously grow.  After all, how we think can determine who we are.

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Trusting & Letting go.

It took seven years, but I guess I needed a little more than a push to share my story.  I love to write, but it’s only made it’s way to stacks of journals and private posts that strangers weren’t meant to see.

So, *dramatic pause* why. exactly. am. I. doing. this. now? I have gone through 5 early miscarriages, and  I feel that my journey to motherhood may not be as uncommon as it was before, especially since there has been greater awareness on reproductive immunology, but there is no lack in trying to find hope where it’s available, every woman who has ever walked into a doctors office with a folder of test results will understand what I’m talking about. I’m sharing this now to give hope to women who are still waiting for their turn.letting go

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